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Sugar Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Sugar Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Just because you are baking cupcakes for your sweetie, doesn’t mean you have to use sugar.   There are lots of folks unable (or unwilling) … Read more

Cupcakes Full of Heart

Heart Filled Cupcakes

Everyone loves a surprise, right?  Who wouldn’t love to find a secret heart baked into a cupcake?  Kids will be amazed and adults will be … Read more

Red Velvet Low Fat Cupcakes

Red Velvet Low Fat Cupcakes

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with red cupakes?  Red velvet is a favorite recipe for cakes and cupcakes and this recipe is … Read more

Easy Cupcake Color Ideas

Frosting color chart

There are hundreds of beautiful (and cute) cupcake decorating ideas out there but sometimes we just don’t have the extra time needed to bake from … Read more

Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Baking Junkie opened the Booze Cakes book and decided to give this pink champagne cupcake recipe a try. These are the perfect Valentine’s Day cupcake for your significant other. … Read more