Gluten Free Carrot Nutmeg Cupcakes

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We have posted a couple other carrot cake type cupcake recipes, but this one from Whole Living Daily is for our gluten free friends.   The mix for the gluten free flour blend is at the bottom of the page.  What a great mixture to keep on hand for other gluten free baking projects!

Gluten Free Carrot Nutmeg Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting

3 large eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup organic light brown sugar, packed
1/3 cup plain yogurt, coconut yogurt or applesauce
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 tablespoon agave nectar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
2 cups Elizabeth’s Gluten-Free Flour Blend (see below) or Organic All-Purpose Baking Mix from The Pure Pantry
1 1/2 cups finely grated carrots (about 4 medium carrots)
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup toasted chopped walnuts or pecans (optional)
Cream Cheese Frosting, recipe follows

1. Preheat the oven to 350˚. Grease a 12-cup cupcake tin  (Alternately, line cupcake tin with cupcake papers.)

2. In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs for 1 minute, add the oil and brown sugar and beat until smooth. Beat in the yogurt or applesauce, vanilla, agave, and spices. Add the baking mix and beat until combined. Add the carrots, raisins, and nuts; stir until combined.

3. Divide the batter evenly in the cupcake tin. Place in the center of a preheated oven. Bake until the cupcakes or cake is firm, and a wooden pick inserted into the center emerges clean, about 20 minutes for cupcake and 35 minutes for cake. Let cool completely. Frost with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Cream Cheese Frosting

½ cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
2 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar
½ cup agave nectar
1 teaspoon vanilla

1. Beat butter until blended. Add cream cheese and beat until combined. Slowly sift in sugar and beat until fluffy. Add agave and vanilla and continue beating. If frosting is too thin, add 2 tablespoons more sifted confectioners’ sugar.

Elizabeth’s Gluten-free Flour Blend

At last! A versatile recipe for all your gluten-free baking needs. I use it for pancakes, waffles, crepes, cakes, cookies, scones, biscuits, and quick breads. When choosing which flour combination to use, consider that sorghum will give you the lightest result in baking. Millet and amaranth will give you a heavier result. For cakes and cookies, I recommend using sorghum. For breads, scones, and biscuits, millet or amaranth are good choices.


Ingredients 4 cups mix 8 cups mix
Organic brown rice flour 1 ½ cups 3 cups
Organic white rice flour 1 ¼ cups 2 ½  cups
Organic sorghum, buckwheat, millet or amaranth* ½ cup 1 cup
Organic potato starch flour ½ cup 1 cup
Organic tapioca flour ¼ cup ½ cup
Xanthan gum 2 teaspoons 1 tablespoon

Mix all ingredients together and place in air-tight container.



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