DIY Cupcake Stand

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Feeling a little creative this holiday season? Ready for craft projects now that the weather has gotten cooler?  How about a homemade cupcake stand to show off all those holiday goodies!  Twinkle VanWinkle makes it easy with these step by step instructions using old plates and candlesticks.  If you don’t have extra plates around the house, try a thrift shop for an economical project.  And get the kids involved to help with the decorating for a great family holiday project!

DIY Cupcake Stand

What you will need:

  • 3 old plates, different sizes – small, medium and large
  • 2 old 4-6 inch candlesticks
  • E-6000 epoxy or glue gun with glue sticks
  • 2-3 colors of spray paint
  • Tape, paper doilies or other materials for stencils


Make sure your plates and candlesticks are clean.

Spray paint a base coat to your individual style and let dry.

Lay out your design and spray paint over with your second and/or third colors.

I used some stencils with painter’s tape and cut-outs to create my own design.

You can also use paper doilies, as well.


Glue a candlestick to the center of your largest plate.

Glue your middle-sized plate on top of this candlestick.

Repeat with your next candlestick and the last, smallest plate on top.

Let dry – overnight if you are using E-6000.

Once the adhesive is dry, your new stand is ready to use!




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