Patriotic Cupcakes!

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Hard to believe it will be May – MAY! – this week.  Summer is almost here and that means Memorial Day and Fourth of July celebrations.  Recipe Girl came up with a fantastic idea for red white and blue cupcakes with swirled red, white and blue frosting.   Imagine how beautiful these cupcakes would look on your picnic table this summer!

Patriotic Cupcakes

Use a vanilla cake batter and divide it into three bowls, then use gel paste to color each batter (you can get gel paste at baking stores or craft stores- it’s better than regular food coloring because it doesn’t add a ton of liquid to your batter).


Put a heaping teaspoonful of each color into each cupcake paper.


Then use a toothpick to swirl the three colors together slightly.


Bake according to the directions for the cupcake recipe you are using.


To create red, white and blue swirled frosting, make a batch of your favorite white frosting recipe and divide it into three parts. Color the red and the blue with gel paste. I added a little white gel paste to the white frosting too and used clear vanilla extract.  Scoop each color frosting into your piping bag side by side (piping bags can be found at baking or craft stores, but you can also use a large plastic zip bag). Use whatever sort of tip you’d like. I like to use a large tip to get a large swirl (the swirl shown was done with a Bakery Crafts tip 1G).


Top each cupcake with the swirled frosting



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