Pastry chef creating the Decadence D’Or

Sweet Surrender, a shop inside of The Palazzo, Las Vegas, offers the crème de la crème for the most passionate of cupcake lovers.

The Decadence D’Or will set you back a paltry $750. It’s made with a chocolate cake laced with ganache filling created from a special Valhrona chocolate called Porcelana, rich French A.O.C butter, and Tahitian Gold Vanilla Caviar (which apparently is a big deal that takes over a year to harvest). Then edible gold flakes are hand-applied to the frosting and topped with a hand-blown sugar fleur-de-lis filled with Louis XIII Cognac. The cupcake is served on a curved cracked-gold plate and bowl. The pastry chefs at Sweet Surrender require 48 hours advance notice to order this treat.

For more information, operating hours, and phone number, visit the  Sweet Surrender webpage here.

Decadence D’Or

This person ordered two.

This person ordered two.

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